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Chapter Two

When the young lady woke up the sun was already setting. She took a moment sitting up and trying to remember how she ended up on some ratty couch in an office of some sort. As the haze lifted from her mind a chill crept down her spine as memories of the SUV and the haunting ghost of a man chased after it. 


Then she remembered the man who had pulled her behind the dumpster. She was grateful he had saved her from whatever that thing was however she had no idea who he was or his motives for saving her. Her hand instinctively reached for her sidearm, only to find it missing. 


"Oh good your not dead." 


"Was a corpse not on your wishlist?" Slowly she turned towards the voice.


"Nope, I got one last Christmas. Courtesy of Nibiru." A tall man chortled sarcastically from an open doorway.


"Who are you? Where am I? What do you want? Where's my gun? Wh-"


"Hold up small fry! I can only answer one thing at a time, damn!" He huffed moving to the desk nearby. He placed her bag on top of it before flopping into a chair. "To answer your first question: it doesn't matter who I am. I'm gone at dawn."


"Where am I and what do you want from me?" She glared.


"We are currently in the office of a salvage yard on the Northside of town. And I want nothing to do with you or anyone else." He calmly leaned back.


"Then why did you bring me here?" She swallowed.


"Not my style to leave some kid defenseless behind a dumpster." 


"Why did you take my gun?"


"Been shot at one too many times by survivors." 


"Sorry? What?" She was confused. "Survivors?"


"What can't tell me you've been alone all this time?"

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